Monday, August 2, 2010

Mini Album Designs

At times I may be too organized.  When it comes to work, I am always organized.  So with my hobbies, the organization bleeds over.  Lately I have been creating page designs on my computer so that when I am able to create my mini, I have a sample design in front of me to help with the layouts.  I won't always do this but in my down times - I am thinking of crafts and I jot down my ideas.

Here's a few of the page layouts that I start with.
Top note with flower in corner.

Pocket page with 3 tags that would be decorated.

I am working to create a few of these to post online for everyone to use as ideas.  Of coarse we don't keep our minis this simple but it helps us with the creativity.  I will post these also on my YouTube and Flickr accounts.

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