Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Saturday night . . .

Why as you get older the more you want to stay at home? I never, ever thought that I would say that but over the past 6 months, I can honestly say that on the weekends I want to stay home. Maybe it is just the summer months and I have a pool, but we will see.

My nephews came over to swim today - DeWayne (my loving husband) calls them turd birds and now the oldest Atticus, is picking up what DeWayne says and repeats turd birds the entire time he is here.

I picked up the Larue County Herald News today and almost purchased the paper to catch up on the small community. The main article was that school started back. I paused, looked at the gas price and decided to use the 50 cents toward the price of gas. Sorry Herald News, but my mother in law has more information than your paper.

The only other thing to vent about at this time is the IT Security department at some companies. At times, they have the security so tight, that you can't even work when you need to. We are not allowed to have wireless where I work. Strange but true. But then again it is the company that when I started no one had a personal PC. Everything was still green screen mainframe based. I had no idea what was going on when I started since I had never encountered this type of technology. Almost 2 years later, everyone received a PC. That was the year 1999. So I guess looking back, I understand why I don't have a wireless connection on my work computer. I won't go into the other things I dont' have tonight, or I will bore you.

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