Sunday, August 17, 2008

Preparing for work with OCD

I think I need counseling. I never realized how obsessed I am with my computer bag and purse matching the suit I am wearing to work. I just changed out the purse and computer bag for the second time since I decided not to wear what I picked out. I know it is an issue but I continue to do it each day. There are times that I did not have time to switch the bags and I am switching the contents on the way to work. With a 45 minute drive each day to down town Lville, I have alot of time to get the accessories right!

While we are on that subject, the drive to Louisville everyday. Yeah, it is something else but after 16 years of driving it almost everyday, it no longer bothers me. I have had to force myself to stop texting, reading, eating and other activities while driving. An individual at work described that I am the reason why she takes the bus to work each day - careless drivers. Oh well, I can't say that I have totally refrained from all the activities, but I have limited them. The worst habit I have is eating my lunch on the way to work. I never eat breakfast. Latelty to offset the price of gas, I started bringing my lunch. But for some reason, I found myself eating ham sandwiches for breakfast! So I fixed that, I started bring soup in a can. No way to eat that.

I have to go now, I may have to switch out the skirt that I am wearing since I don't think it matches the purse I planned to use = )

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