Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love is Blind . . .

After painting my living room and hallway, I decided it was time to get rid of the "mickey mouse" photo albums and replace them with an adult theme. You know, leather bound or the open square where you put your family picture - those type of albums. In the process of sorting and replacing the pictures, I found a picture of DeWayne on our honeymoon. I started laughing because he had on plaid shorts (white and blue plaid) and a striped shirt (yellow, blue, and red). We were getting ready to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, you know O'Charley's something like that = ). Well, I looked up and said, "What the heck do you have on? You can't wear that." He looked at me like I had 6 heads. I learned that look after 5 years of dating. He said, "I'm going to wear whatever I feel like it. I look good in this.". I sat shocked and couldn't believe what was going on. We argued about his clothes and I realized he was not going to budge. I guess I would have starved if I didn't give in. We went out to eat. And I wanted to hide my head a few times but over it wasn't so bad.

As soon as I got home from our honeymoon, I began to look through pictures and ask questions of my friends. Did DeWayne always dress like this? All the pictures and all of my friends said "YES". Not a casual yes, but a "are you blind yes?" I can honestly say (and I am not lying) that I never saw the way DeWayne dressed. Really. I don't know what I saw on the outside but DeWayne made me laugh and I loved to be with him. I guess I overlooked the outside for the inside. This is living proof that "love is blind".

The past two weeks at work have been the hardest in my career. I have been shoved into meetings with people I don't normally interact with and I am told to present on a subject that is very hard to discuss. (Since I have work friends who review my facebook account, I will keep this high level.) The pressure and tasks assigned has kept me from sleeping, interacting with my family, and neglecting the things that help me relieve stress. The only joy I have found is having both my laptops open, and while I am waiting for a work email to send - I check my facebook account. When I see an old friend or an acquaintance is online or sent me something, I get excited. Actually facebook has kept my nerves calm over the past few weeks by allowing me to share the funny things that happen in my life. as in the "love is blind" story. Reflecting on that, doesn't let me forget my roots and who I am!

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