Saturday, September 6, 2008

Decorating at the Shive house

I enjoy decorating my humble estate for the seasons When DeWayne and I got married, I decorated for every season - Christmas, Autumn, Valentine's. St. Patrick's, Easter, etc. He stated that I went too far when I decorated for President's day. He always told people that his favorite was Arbor Day - I didn't decorate for that one. Over the past years, I limited the decorating, in fact stopped decorating. I didn't have time and DeWayne could care less if I decorated. It was so bad, I did not put up a Christmas tree last year, it even depressed me that I didn't do anything. So, I am changing my ways and started decorating again - I noticed it changed my attitude and I was happy today!!

I actually have my husband drinking Chai Tea Lattes. He calls them Shive Tea. I asked him if he has purchased any while out, he gave me the strangest look, then he stated, "The day I pay $4 for a cup of tea, will be the day I die, what the heck is wrong with you. Me and you both can't go around buying $4 tea or we'll go broke." I sat there and stared at him. He was trying to make out like he sacrafices for me to drink chai tea. What a husband, what a husband!!! On live Waynie Shive.

After changing the paint and pictures in the living room, I changed out the photo albums from those ones I've had since the 80's. I found a picture of DeWayne with his wedding band on. I said "Oh Waynie look, remember when you wore your wedding band." He said, "Yep, during honeymoon! then I took it off." DeWayne does not wear his wedding band since he says his work does not permit to wear one. He works for himself - go figure. Any way, the irony of the point I am making is that he wears his fantasy football league champ ring. Two years ago he won his league in fantasy football and was awarded a "championship" ring. He makes sure he has his ring on when he goes out to show his peeps.

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