Monday, August 18, 2008

So how much do you like me as your friend?

The day started off in a state of chaos as I had to deal with an Associate Relation issue. Thankfully, through the art of breathing deeply I made it through the problem.

The only enjoyment I got was when I got home and reviewed my facebook account, I received several comments on my senior picture (which was actually taken the end of my junior year - go figure). For those of you who commented on my hair, that was a "bad hair day". It actually rained and the bangs actually deflated a little. I started thinking about the many hair styles we had through school. Then I went and dug through my scrapbook boxes and found those pictures. Those pictures that many of you will pay me not to publish. I started the scanning process since none of us had a digital camera, even if they were available we couldn't afford one. So, this weekend I might post those beautiful pics of you with braces, ex-boyfriends (who by the way turned out "RUFF")tampered leg jeans and eastlands! Be good to me and I might let you be.

One other thing, Fantasy Football!!! I have been sitting here listening to my husband talk to 5 different guys on their fantasy football accounts. "See the log in page", "type your userid, the same one u used last year", "see member, non member", "are you even logged in" and finally "why can't u remember your log in". This has been going on for 2 hours now with each statement ending in "this is some serious stuff". Huh? Atleast my day ended in laughter and not frustration.

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