Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Should or shouldn't I? That is the question.

Once again, I was looking through those pics from me and my friends from 8th grade to senior year. I laughed so hard at some of them because of the people we were "going with". I never quite understood that. Why when we were in school the boys would say "Will you go with me?" and we would smile and say "I'll think about it" or "yes" with a smile like you stole something? How come we never said "go where?". I remember those conversations, and now I understood what my dad meant when he said "He asked you to go with him? Go where? Neither of you have a license and I am not hauling you around?" I would roll my eyes, he had no idea how much in love I was with that guy that ended up with 3 wives, 6 kids and wanted in 2 states for non funding of child support.

I need to stop dwelling on the past and dwell more on the future. Like my 5 year plan. Yeah, with the way things change with my husband and the company in which I work, you can barely have a monthly plan! While dwell on the 5 year plan. My husband told me that a 5 year plan is not for people like me who changes her mind like I change my underwear. So, I have decided, I am not changing my underwear for awhile to see if things will change.

Finally I am going to have to make decision on whether I should post these pics of my dearest friends on the internet. Many of them have gotten better looking with age, others - not so much. But you know, many of us have had hard lives. Look at me and Waynie. Just the other night a good friend of his told me that I have a sure ticket to heaven since I put up with him daily. I would have to agree with that statement. As I type this, he is still on the phone with his peeps discussing Fantasy football and "this is some serious stuff" Occasionally he will yell "Lou Lou, will you get me a pepsi?" or "LouLou, bring me some Kleenexes, I think we are out" (there's a brand new box hidden behind the laptop monitor). Anyway, I have been reared that those acts of kindness don't get you to heaven alone, but I would like to hope that it atleast gets me the front door I want with my mansion

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