Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why you hate the things you hate?

I had a revelation today while I was eating Italian food at Maggiano's Little Italy. I have despised Italian food until here recently. I stumbled upon an Italian place in Las Vegas that was really good and the best Bruschetta ever. Growing up I would not eat Italian for nothing, the closest was a Tony's pizza. While I was eating the ravioli I noticed it didn't taste like Chef Boy R D not did it taste like Fazoli's. So growing up poor, made me think Italian food was the food you ate at Fazoli's or out of a can - so that's why I hated it. Sorta like Taco Bell, I love Taco Bell but real Mexican food - not so much. Yeah, Yeah I know. Cheap Italian is nothing like real Italian.

The hotel I am staying at is a "green hotel". Each day, if you want your bed made, you have to put a card on the pillow. If you want the sheets changed, you put the card on the alarm clock. If you want fresh towels, you have to put the dirty ones in the floor. The lights have an "auto" on and off based on movement in the room. The room stays 73 degrees until there is movement then it will adjust to the set tempature. I have 4 garbage cans - paper, aluminum, plastic and trash. Very nice hotel but there is one thing I have to have as a luxury when I go to a hotel. Fresh towels every single day. At home, I make Waynie and I reuse the towels atleast twice. That way I don't have as many loads of laundry to wash. Waynie changes clothes twice a day, seriously. He gets up puts on his Larry the Cable guy shirts and shirt underneath and goes to work. Since those clothes are dirty when he comes home, he changes again to go out or meet people. I wash all the time with him. There is one thing that is good, when I travel and no one is there to wash, he will just go buy more white socks and underwear instead of washing. He's so good!

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