Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's not just how you say it . . .

I know it's been like 2 weeks since I posted anything. I have been busy thinking of things to write. Sometimes the events in my life are constant and I have a story everyday, but lately, I have lots of stories and no time!!!

My mom came to the revelation that she does talk "funny". After years and years, she thought she sounded normal. She recently joined me on a business trip in Tampa. The first night we were out, the waiter said, "Where are you from?" My mom pipes in "KY". After all my encounters of this nature I knew what was next. But, the waiter threw me a curve ball, he guessed eastern KY, he knew the accent, he grew up in West Virginia. My mom was offended, I was impressed. Usually everyone guesses, AL or TN. I don't have a southern accent that melts some guys hearts or makes some women envy. My mom and I have that eastern KY draw. Unfortunately, Eastern KY has the stereotype of shoeless, pregnant girls living in run down trailors on the side of a hill and singing gospel hymns while handling a snake. Hmmm, there are some connections there . . . but any way. I enjoyed talking to the gentleman while my mom stewed. When he left, she proceeded to tell me that we don't sound like that. So I gave her the story of my life and how I finally accepted it. Here are the examples.

For some reason, we drop the "l" in most words. Like "role" and "payroll". Very hard for me in my job since most of it I worked in the "payro" group. It was big joke that my "row" was in "payro". We also manage to take many one syllable words and make them into 3 - 4 syllables. I was told recently when I said the word "quilt", it was 3 syllables. I think the worst name I massacre is "Greg". Since one of Dewayne's best friends is named Greg, I do everything I can to pronounce it correctly. But it usually comes out "Grag" with a long A. Thank goodness he likes me.

The only advantage I have found with the accent is that people remember you. How can you forget that accent!!!

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